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Any Character!
Jog in the Town by KiariaBlack
Chibi Zen by KiariaBlack
D.C. 2 Oblio Crews by KiariaBlack
Just want a picture of you favourite character? From Naruto, One Peice, MLP, etc? Anything will do. Just tell me what character(s) and what you want them to be doing!
Your Characters
LeoAnarchyKnight_Request by KiariaBlack
In the Highlands_Onyx Stone_Prt. 1/2 by KiariaBlack
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I'll draw a character of yours for 100 points. Send me pictures of your character(s) you would like me to draw and what they're doing!
Random by KiariaBlack
Random 2 by KiariaBlack
Random 3 by KiariaBlack
Send me a picture of you, some friends, your pets, etc. I'll cartoonize the picture for you!


El - Wisteria Town by KiariaBlack
El - Wisteria Town

For :iconwisteria-town:


Age: 22

Height/Weight: 178/ 56.6 kg

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Spring, 2

Species: Elf

Sexual Preference: Female

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Priest

Favorite Gifts:


+Purple Grass

+Hot Milk

+Red Magicgrass


+Rice Porridge

"O-oh my...Thank very much! *blushes* I truly appreciate this!"

Hated Gifts:

-Yellow Grass


-Spa Boiled Egg


"*clears throat* Thank you. I will put this to good use."


El is a very kind and loving person. He is calm and thoughtful and puts those around him, before him. He wishes the world will remain peaceful without war and will help with what he can, to keep it that way. He is faithful in his religion, but will not push it onto those who do not want to be a part of it, but he may give little hints every here and there. He especially loves children, their innocence amuses him. He wishes one day he will find love and have one of his own.


El has lived in the town all his life, he took up the duty of priest, from his father. When he was younger he would help his mother at home and maintain the church with his father. He has always thought of the church as his home and remains there throughout most of the day, before returning home. The quiet and peaceful nature of the church gives him a good place to think and pray. He rises about an hour past dawn, eats a small breakfast and heads for the church. On his way, he’ll great the early risers and help the few, open shops. When he gets to the church, he lights candles and incense and opens the boards of the windows, so that light can fall in as the sun rises. He maintains his podium, then sits in the first pew, to pray and clear his thoughts and when finished, he welcomes those who enter and gives his advice to those who need it.


None yet!...He is looking for a wife currently to settle down with!

Rp Method:

Preferably Skype otherwise, notes, e-mail, etc.

Skype name is Hijikata-chan. Please tell me who you are. :3

Script or Literature.


~His hair is longer than what it shows! It actually reaches his elbow and is tucked behind his ears, up into his cap.

~His ears are very sensitive. :3

~His hair and eyes are a pinky colour

~He is easily sunburned

~Sometimes he falls asleep in the church!

~Likes Croquette, Purple Grass, Hot Milk, Red Magicgrass, Eggplant

~Dislikes Yellow Grass, Matsutake, Spa Boiled Egg, Perfume

~Single and looking for a wife!

Momo - Todokawa High by KiariaBlack
Momo - Todokawa High

For: :icontodokawa-high:

Tsubaki, Momo

Age: 16

Date of birth: 16th of August

Year: 1st

Height: 154 cm/ 5.1 ft

Gender: Female

Dorms/Home: Everyday she’s goin’ home *v*

Club: </b>Track and Field

Personality: Momo is a very cheerful and friendly person. She accepts everyone, even those who don’t accept her. She thinks it’s good to give everyone a chance and never wants anyone left behind. She is very understanding of peoples’ feelings and adjusts to their needs. She almost takes the initiative to take care of everyone else, rather than herself. Although, she does have a very competitive side when it comes to school and sports, and doesn’t take losing lightly.

Bio: Momo was born in Tokyo, the third of four daughters; Tomoe, Sato, Momo, and Sachi. Momo, always being compared to her more, dignified, older sisters couldn’t understand the reason of being so serious, all the time. Eventually she decided to be the best at whatever her sisters challenged her with. Sports, arts, school, etc. Her constant competitiveness caused her to become the top of her classes and sports. With these stats, she was invited to Todokawa High, which she gladly accepted; taking it as a win against her sisters who never had this sort of opportunity.


+Healthy foods/ being healthy


+Little sister, Sachi

+School work


-Bad grades


-Older sisters


None, yet! Any takers?


~Rather self conscious about her height, she feels she’s too short: she’s the runt of the family

~Mole under her right eye

~Loves running, jogging, etc.



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